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Welcome to RENEW North Staffordshire

Housing Market Renewal (HMR)  

was originally envisaged as a ten to 15-year programme and in 2011 many of the early stages of regeneration schemes were reaching fruition.  New houses had been built and many more existing homes refurbished.  These programmes of interventions had already helped to stabilise market conditions in several neighbourhood areas.  In addition, private sector resources had been attracted and developers had constructed new estates on cleared sites.

However, in the October 2010 Government Spending Review, it was announced that funding of Housing Market Renewal as a separate programme would end in March 2011.  Thus the RENEW North Staffordshire initiative was formally wound up despite there being much work still to complete and without replacement funding streams being clearly identified.

Below you can access the final report of the RENEW HMR Programme which captures the challenges and achievements of the initiative over its life.  The baton of regeneration is now passed to the local authorities and their partners working closely with local communities.  Their joint aim will be to continue to work together to achieve the long term objective of sustainability in some of our most deprived areas.

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